How Can Accurate Astrology Life Predictions Strategize Your Life Better

You may have to ask astrologer or search online for free Vedic astrology life forecasts during times of significant transition, such as the birth of a child or the study of a marriage’s compatibility. While it’s helpful to know which technique of life prediction is more reliable given a person’s date of birth, wouldn’t it also be interesting to learn the methodology behind astrology’s life prediction predictions?

You can learn to predict the future with the help of Vedic astrology if you take the time to study its various classifications and charts. So that we may have a fuller understanding of astrology’s inner workings, let’s examine these components individually.

Categories of Vedic life prediction

  • Works by Shadvargas

The Shadvargas Reading includes the following tables.

  • The Lagna Chart is at the top of the list since it is the mother of all charts (the D1), and studying it can give you an accurate prediction of your life in every respect.
  • A person’s horoscope can reveal information about their appearance. To increase your prospects of financial success, mental clarity, emotional stability, positive interactions within your immediate family, and discriminatory wisdom, consult a Hora Chart or D2.
  • The Navamsa chart can be used to learn about a person’s character and moral fibre. D9 can also help us understand what factors in our lives are responsible for our good fortune and how we might change them.
  • House D3 is the House of Development on the Decanter Chart (Drekkana or Dreshkon). By consulting this chart, you can learn about your fearlessness, communication skills, sibling relationships, the speed with which you know new things, the depth of your initiations, and your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Vedic astrology uses the Trishamsa Chart, a representation of the astral plane cycle crucial to making predictions about an individual’s life. The D30 can help you learn the sign’s thirty sections quickly and easily. You can use this chart to see what health issues, blockages, and weaknesses you may encounter in the future due to your Karma.

The Saptvarga

The Saptamsha Chart (D7) is used in conjunction with the other charts (D1, D2, D3, D9, D12, and D30) to derive an individual’s life prognosis from the date of their birth.

  • Saptamsha Astrology:

This seventh portion emphasizes the house of activity. Any research into free horoscope predictions based on a person’s date of birth should incorporate this chart, given its predictive accuracy.

The Dasavarga,

Information from a person’s past, present, and future can be used to make accurate predictions about that person’s life. Due to the ten charts used in the Dasavarga Reading, the Saptavarga Readings are simply the sum of the following three charts:

  • The Dasamsha, or D10, chart helps gain insight into business, service, politics, social work, and future employment. It is possible to foretell a person’s future success, influence, and money in the workplace.
  • People with mind type D16 (which could represent Kalamsha or Nirupmamsha) are more interested in mental gratification than physical activity, as depicted in Shodasamsha Chart No. 2. As opposed to focusing on the desire to become wealthy, the emphasis here is on how good it feels to be rich.

The Shodasavarga

  • The D4 Turyamsha, also called the Paadamsha, evaluates a person’s good fortune, liabilities, childhood qualities, and happiness.
  • The second cycle of the Varga is associated with the D20 and focuses on an individual’s mental state and motivations for being rather than their physical form. Your spiritual training from your previous life will prepare you for the rigors of this one.
  • The D24 can determine one’s Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Garima, Prapta, Prakamya, Ishita, and Vaquita (the eight siddhis). Check out this pie chart to see how much counsel you’ve gotten from your loved ones over the years.
  • You can learn about your physical, mental, and emotional responses to pain and stress by examining your D27 Bhamsha chart.
  • The Khavedamsha Chart: With D40, you can learn about the potential for peace at home and in the workplace. Examining the planetary placements during your previous lives, your natal chart can reveal your innate traits and characteristics.
  • The Akshvedamsha chart, a subset of the D45 graph, can be used to get free, in-depth predictions about your life, such as details about the benefits of your family tree, your past-life Karma, and your personality.


By now, you should know enough about astrology to give a free accurate life prediction based on the birth date a fair shot. However, a more precise and accurate life prediction can be made by analyzing divisional charts. With the help of a trained astrologer, you can learn more about them and the method used to create astrological life predictions. You could seek out the advice of an astrologer for further clarification.

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