The Importance of Targeted Marketing in Finding Real Estate Leads

Regarding real estate marketing, there are many different ways to generate leads. However, the key is to target your marketing efforts to those most likely interested in your offer.

Targeted marketing is a form of highly-focused marketing that uses specific traits to target an audience, such as age, gender, location, and income level.

Open Houses

As any real estate agent knows, open houses are a tried and true method for finding leads. The concept remains the same whether held in person, online, or on social media. This is because real estate is a people business, and connections can be made face-to-face.

Having a list of potential buyers or sellers to follow up with after an open house can be extremely helpful. Having a pre-drafted email to send out after the event acknowledges attendees, thanks them for their time, and allows you to share new listings in the area or even inform them about a price reduction on a property they had considered.

When maximizing foot traffic and finding real estate leads from an open house, advertise it far and wide in the weeks leading up to the event. You can do this through online advertising tools or a platform that connects with your CRM. Using these tools and ensuring that your Facebook Lead Ads are connected to your CRM can help you convert leads quickly. Creating specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant (SMART) goals is essential in developing your marketing strategy. This can include the number of clients you close in a week or month.

Buyers’ Seminars

As a real estate agent, you can create seminars to attract potential buyers by offering valuable information about the home-buying process. The key to this strategy is finding the right topics and targeting the right audience. Typically, your audience will consist of people in various buying cycle stages. Some may have been looking for a new house for months, while others are just beginning their search and need to learn what they need to know about the process.

To identify the best topic for your seminar, consider asking current customers or people in your network what they wish they knew about buying a new home. You might also ask other agents who have hosted buyers’ seminars in your local area or nationally via social media groups what topics have been most successful for them. Once you know what topics your buyers’ seminar will cover, you can schedule it for the most convenient time for your target audience.

If you need help securing a venue for your seminar, consider holding it at a library or hotel conference room. You can even partner with other local businesses, such as mortgage brokers or title companies, to co-sponsor the event.

Divorce Leads

Working with real estate leads in the process of divorce or separation is an incredibly rewarding niche. These clients are usually highly motivated to sell and can provide you with a steady stream of business. Getting to know the family law community and establishing relationships with divorce attorneys is one of the best ways to connect with these leads. They are also more likely to recommend you to a friend when they need help selling their property.

However, it’s important to remember that the timing of this type of lead is a bit more difficult than with new homebuyers or empty-nesters. To generate high-quality leads, you must be on the couple’s mind before they start considering divorce. This doesn’t mean that you need to be at every barbecue party of newlyweds handing out your business cards, but rather be visible in the local community and offering educational content on real estate during a divorce.

This can include articles on the benefits of divorce mediation or information on splitting property. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with local estate liquidators and divorce lawyers. These professionals can help you find a list of properties that have recently been sold or are currently listed for sale.

Social Media

Real estate agents can nurture leads across the sales funnel with social media marketing. Using targeted marketing tactics, they can deliver content that resonates with each audience member and improves the likelihood of conversion.

Taking the time to identify key audiences is a vital first step. This helps real estate professionals tailor content to address the concerns and challenges of each group. This tactic also allows agents to grow their followers organically rather than artificially.

For instance, if a home buyer is interested in a specific property, the agent can follow up with information about that listing via social media. This approach allows the real estate agent to nurture leads and establish long-term trust with each prospect.

The ability to target specific demographics is a game-changer for marketers. In the past, marketers would need to spend a lot of money and time researching a desired audience before launching an ad campaign. With today’s digital tools, marketers can pinpoint their ideal clients in seconds.

As a result, real estate agents need to invest in social media marketing. They can do this by choosing the right platforms and leveraging social media ads based on location, demographics, behaviors, and connections. They can also optimize their post-click experience by ensuring all clicks are routed to the appropriate team members

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