The Pros Of Using A Portable Dab Tool

A dab tool is a crucial piece of equipment in any dabbing setup. It links your potent concentrate and the euphoria you experience after a hit.

These tools come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different materials and session uses. 


A portable dab tool is easy to use and more discreet and travel-friendly than a traditional rig and torch. These electronic dab rigs can heat up to your preferred temperature using a battery-powered heating element, and they’re much safer than carrying around volatile fuel like butane or propane.

These rigs also typically have a built-in nectar collector, making it easier to handle and scoop concentrate from a jar or container. Many models feature a glass bowl holding your vaporized extract for later inhalation. This convenient feature can significantly impact your dabbing experience when you’re on the go.

Check out the warranty and customer service options before purchasing if you want a portable dab rig. Finding a reliable and reputable brand or seller that offers a fair warranty and will respond quickly if you have any issues with your portable dab tool is essential.

Easier Cleaning

Cleaning your dab rig and tools doesn’t have to be a chore. Keeping your rig clean is crucial to achieve the best performance and avoid the buildup of residue affecting the flavor of your dab. Regular cleaning also extends the life of your rig and tools.

The best way to clean your rig is to separate the components and soak them in a cleaner. You can use a specialized rig cleaner or isopropyl alcohol to scrub away stubborn buildup. After scrubbing, rinse each piece with warm water and allow them to dry completely before reassembling.

When choosing a dab tool, the concentrate you enjoy most will help determine which type is right for you. For example, if you prefer the taste of distillate, you’ll want to use a flat or scoop-style dabber; for a more crumbly concentrate, such as sugar or sauce, a shovel-style dabber is perfect.

Less Mess

A big problem with traditional dab tools is that they’re prone to creating a lot of reclaims. This can cause problems, like clogging the airways with wax residue and burning through your concentrates more quickly than expected.

Fortunately, many options on the market reduce the amount of reclaim that can be created during a dabbing session. Whether it’s a silicone suction dabber or a hot knife, there are plenty of ways to avoid the mess while handling your wax.

The most popular type of dab tool, the double-ended model, typically has a pick on one end and a scooper on the other. This lets you quickly pick up and transport your wax without wasting your product. Scoop-style dabbers work great for more runny extracts, including distillate and sap. A flat or shovel-style dab tool is better suited for gritty terpene sauces.

Convenient Storage

Dab rigs are great for home use but can be bulky and conspicuous on the go. Portable vaporizers offer the same high-quality dabbing experience while being much more compact, lightweight, and discreet.

Most dabber tools have options that make them more than a single-use tool. For instance, a carb cap can help reduce the natural breakdown of wax and keep it fresh. A few different storage jars are also available for short and long-term storage.

A flat or scoop-style dabber transfers concentrates with a runny consistency, like sap or distillate. At the same time, a shovel-like design is ideal for chunky dabs like terp sauce. Other dabbers include a changeable tip that allows you to switch between different shapes and applicators for maximum versatility. Several percs can be added to dabbers for an extra filtration layer before inhalation. These include honeycomb, tree, and cyclone percs.