Turkish Real Estate: a Low-risk Investment to Appreciate

If you are seeking to diversify your investment portfolio, pay attention to the Turkish real estate market. It appeared in the global arena rather late, which explains why the prices here are not very high. The value of local real estate is steadily increasing, so you can invest your capital without fear of a sharp price drop. Turkish real estate is an excellent solution for passive income as you can buy a property in a popular tourist area and rent it out (and later resell it at a higher price if you want to). What is more, if you invest 400,000 US dollars or more in local real estate, you will have the right to obtain Turkish passports for yourself and the whole family (you will need to remain the property owner for five years, though). In short, Turkish real estate has a lot of advantages, and it is quickly gaining popularity with far-sighted investors.

We will be glad to welcome you to our portal where you can read a more detailed investing in Turkish properties guide and find out more information about Turkey and its opportunities in terms of business, relocation, citizenship by investment, banking, taxes, and more. You can book a meeting with our specialist at no charge to discuss the prospects of investments in Turkish real estate and see the projects that we have carefully handpicked for you. We can also provide full support with property acquisition, so you will not have to deal with Turkish red tape or translate any documents. Interested? Simply follow the link!

Investment in Turkish Property: Benefits

Let’s look at the main advantages you get by investing in Turkish land plots:

  • Turkey is a country where the tourism sector is highly developed, but there are still insufficient properties to accommodate all. As a result, new infrastructural objects are constantly being built, while the existing ones are kept in good condition. That is, investment in Turkish tourism objects will pay!
  • Turkey is currently ranked 33rd by the World Bank by the ease of doing business (and it went 13 positions up as compared to 2020, which indicates a positive trend).
  • The country’s government does its best to improve the safety and security of its citizens, so it constantly offers new reforms.
  • Turkey has been engaged in the struggle against red tape for a long time, and the effort bore fruit: it currently takes 2 business days (against 5 days as it was earlier) to incorporate a Turkish company.
  • If you need to hire a local workforce, you will find plenty of highly qualified employees as the education in Turkey is very good.

As you see, Turkey is a very promising country in terms of investment and business at large.

Investment in Mersin Land Plot

Mersin is a Turkish peninsula with an advantageous location and has 125,000 square meters of vacant land. The permit documents are available, and the plot is waiting for investors ready to put in 20,000,000 euros in total to build the only 5-star hotel in the city on this deluxe territory.

Let’s take a look at the main characteristics:

  • It is located on the sea coast
  • The land plot is ready for sale
  • You can build a property with a sea view from it
  • This is the primary real estate market offer
  • The land plot belongs to a deluxe category
  • The Adana International Airport is located within 130 km
  • The Tarsus International Airport (currently under construction) is located within 100 km

The Mersin peninsula has one important feature: while you will find a lot of all-inclusive 5-star hotels in more developed regions like Antalya, there is not a single one here yet! If you build an all-inclusive tourist object, you will be able to earn profits all year round. The spa town nearby is becoming more and more popular with foreign tourists, and all they need is top-quality accommodation that will give them the comfort they need. However, this niche is still free.

You can buy a land plot simply to later resell it at a higher price as Turkish land has increased in price by at least 100 times in the past 15 years, and the tendency seems to be continuing. Another option is to build a luxury 5-star hotel or premium residential properties.

Why Invest in Turkish Real Estate

First of all, the risks are really low. The maximum risk is to resell the land plot at the same price you bought, so you will definitely not lose anything! Turkey has quite a strong economy that does not fail even when it faces major crises, so you are unlikely to experience any problems with its real estate market.

Here are some additional factors to pay attention to:

  • High liquidity of properties. If you see that the land prices are going up and you want to use the opportunity to sell your land plot, you will have no trouble finding a buyer.
  • Construction speed. As the development industry is very active, the demand for vacant land is very high.
  • Personal construction project. If you are tired of typical 5-star luxury hotels and you want to build something out of the ordinary, like an apartment complex with an unusual layout that will become an attraction in itself, you are free to do so.
  • Stable rental income. No matter whether you rent apartments out or provide hotel rooms along with services and entertainment for your guests, you are sure to get a good profit.
  • Profitable investment. Turkish real estate is a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio, protect your assets, and multiply your capital.

The Mersin peninsula is a unique destination for your wildest plans – from an exclusive private yacht club with casinos, magnificent restaurants, and stunning properties, to a tourist paradise with an aqua park and swimming pools that will be a good starting point for adventure tourism. Your imagination goes beyond that? You are welcome to surprise the world!

Interested in the Mersin peninsula – or maybe you are prepared to invest a smaller amount and need just a piece of high-quality property in Turkey? You are welcome to explore our portal and get in touch with our experts to discuss the details and make the most of your money!

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