Update on iPhone 15 Pro Max Prices at Apple Store Japan

After the iPhone 15 “Wonderlust” launch event on September 12, users can purchase the iPhone 15 Pro Max from the official Apple Store Japan approximately 8 to 10 days later. Below are the details of the iPhone 15 Pro Max price range and other models in the series available at the Apple Store Japan.

Let’s explore the detailed prices and standout features of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the following article.

Version 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
iPhone 15 Pro Max ¥189.000 ¥218.000 ¥247.000
iPhone 15 Pro ¥159.000 ¥174.000 ¥203.000 ¥232.000
iPhone 15 Plus ¥130.000 ¥145.000 ¥159.000   –
iPhone 15  ¥117.000 ¥130.000 ¥145.000

Let’s learn about the detailed selling price as well as outstanding advantages of iPhone 15 Pro Max in the article below.

1. iPhone 15 Pro Max Prices at Apple Store Japan ¥ 189.800 – ¥ 249.800

iPhone 15 Pro Max Prices at Apple Store Japan: ¥ 189,800 – ¥ 249,800 The official prices of the iPhone 15 Pro Max at the Apple Store Japan range from ¥ 189,800 to ¥ 249,800 (equivalent to approximately 31 to 41 million Vietnamese Dong). Here is the detailed price table for the iPhone 15 Pro Max at the Apple Store Japan, along with the USD conversion prices.

Version Japan Apple Store price Price converted to USD
iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB ¥189.800 1.288 USD
iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB ¥219.800 1.491 USD
iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB ¥249.800 1.695 USD
*Source: https://www.apple.com/jp/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-15-pro

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the highest-priced phone in the entire series and is priced higher than its predecessor. Specifically, the iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB was priced at ¥164,800, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max 128GB is priced at ¥189,800. The iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB version is sold for ¥239,800, which is about 2 million Dong less than the iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB at ¥249,800.

iPhone 15 Pro Max is the highest priced phone of Apple 

Compared to last year, Apple has not increased the prices of its products. Many people believed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max price (giá iPhone 15 Pro Max) would increase, but in reality, that’s not the case. They removed the 128GB storage option, starting with a minimum of 256GB, which is why the starting price is higher. In fact, the price Apple announced at the launch for the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB is the same as the iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB.

Despite the absence of a price increase, Apple has introduced several significant and valuable changes for this model. Specifically:

  • Debut with a premium Titanium frame, known for its durability and strength.
  • The silent switch on the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been replaced by an Action Button, which is customizable, allowing users to change functions. This button can be set to perform various tasks, making it convenient and easy for users to, for example, record audio, quickly switch to the camera, activate accessibility features, or suggest actions.
  • The camera has been upgraded, featuring an exclusive periscope lens capable of 15x video zoom and 5x photo zoom.
  • The A17 Pro chip, built on a 3nm process, delivers a remarkable 30% increase in performance.
  • The 120Hz display offers smooth and lag-free performance, with screen brightness reaching up to 2,000 nits.
  • The entirely new color collection includes Titan Gray, Natural Titan, Black Titan, and Blue Titan.

With these enhancements, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the most “worth-buying” version at the current moment.

2. How to Buy iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max at Apple Store Japan 

To acquire the iPhone 15 as soon as it is released at the most reasonable price, users can purchase the product from the Apple Store Japan. You can follow the online purchasing process as outlined below: 

Step 1: Users can search for the keyword “Apple Store jp” to access the official Apple website in Japan.

Users access the official homepage of Apple Store Japan

Step 2: Users navigate to the “iPhone” sectioc, select “iPhone 15,” and click on “価格を見る/View Prices”.

Users select 価格を見る to proceed to the next step of purchasing iPhone 15 products 

Step 3: Users choose the desired iPhone 15 model, select the color, and choose the storage capacity.

Users choose the version, color, and capacity of iPhone 15 

Step 4: Users review their selections. Once they ensure the accuracy of the product information they want to purchase, users choose their preferred payment method: “一括払いで購入/Purchase in One Payment or “ペイディあと払いプランApple専用を利用/Use the Apple Exclusive Deferred Payment Plan.

User chooses iPhone 15 payment method 

Step 5: Users select the AppleCare+ package they want to use.

There are 3 AppleCare+ package options for iPhone 15 buyers 

Step 6: The order information will be displayed on the website. After confirming the accuracy of the order information, users click “バッグに追加/Thêm vào giỏ hàng” (Add to Cart).

User checks selected iPhone 15 product information

Step 7: Users log in with their Apple ID account, choose the delivery method and date, enter the delivery address at “配送先住所に進む/Proceed to Shipping Address,” enter their email address and phone number, and then select “注文の確認/Order confirmation.” At this point, the payment information entry screen will appear, and users need to enter their payment card information and press “Order Confirmation/Confirmation.” Here, users can choose to pay for iPhone 15 in installments (trả góp iPhone 15).

Users log in to their Apple ID account to complete delivery information 

Step 8: Users then click “注文の確認/Order confirmation” again to confirm the order one last time.

Step 9: After verifying the order one final time, users click “注文する/Order” to complete the purchase of the iPhone 15.

Complete the purchase of iPhone 15 products with the command 注文する

This summarizes the detailed updates on iPhone 15 Pro Max prices at the Apple Store Japan. If you desire to own the iPhone 15 Pro Max as soon as it is released, you can choose to purchase it from the Apple Store Japan following the provided instructions for a fast and guaranteed purchase of a genuine, high-quality product.