Variety of Money Gaming machines on the best site

Olimpobet site is a large-scale multiplatform that combines online casino, bookmaker and poker room! Since 2016 online casino pleases a huge number of users around the world.

olimpobet operates under license from the island of Curacao, which means that the site presents only the original slot machines, and the casino itself is controlled by the regulatory authorities of Curacao. License – a guarantee that before you a proven casino.

Olimpo bet perΓΊ casino website offers over 10,000 online games, including over 9,000 slots from 160+ providers! Olimpo betoffers a huge assortment of its slot machines, which will help sort out olimpo bet!

What kinds of slot machines provides olimpo bet site

As already mentioned, at the online casino olimpo bet you can play more than 10,000 games, most of which are slots. What kinds of slot machines there are you will find out below.

Reel slots

These are the most common slot machines in the entire gambling industry. These are typical slot machines that have from 2 to 7 or more reels or reels.

The number of winning lines in this kind of games is usually fixed. The machine can be as 3 winning lines, or even more than a million! Often the number of winning lines also depends on the volatility of the slot machine.

Slots with cluster type

Cluster slots are games where there is no exact value of the winning lines. In such games, it does not matter how the symbols are located, it is rather their number. The more on the playing field of identical characters, the greater your winnings! A very unusual type of slots, which will suit those who are tired of the classic slot machine with a reel.

Thimble and similar games

Thimble-like slot machines let you guess the right place. If you guess correctly, the winnings are yours. These can be classic thimbles, or they can be games like “Pick the right bump for the frog to jump on” or “Pick where to hit the soccer ball so it doesn’t get caught by the goalie.Β 

These can be as standalone game projects, or they can be part of a reel slot in the form of a risk bonus game. Such risk levels in reel slots, for example, can often be found in slots from the provider Belatra or in some Yggdrasil slots.

Crash games

Crash games are slots where you need to withdraw your money in time. The longer you do not withdraw them, the more you can win. However, you should understand that at any time after the game starts, the bet can be burned. How much to bet and when to withdraw the bet – it is up to you to decide!

Live slot machines

Live games tell you that you will be playing online with a real person on the other side of the screen. Such games usually run by a certain time and can only be played for real cash. Therefore, this is not the kind of game where you can play demo machines.

Live games have several types of their own: show games, card games, roulette and others that are similar to those listed above. A live show game means that you and other players will be playing an interesting game in real time.

This game may be, for example, Monopoly or similar game, where players like in a board game will move on a huge field. Accompany you will always be leading. In live mode, you can play Blackjack, Baccarat and other games. In olimpo bet bk there are more than 300 such games!

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